OLP SG-1 Reviews 5

Modern Guitar Paid $250 I was looking for a good quality guitar

The action on this thing is awesome. iv had i for about 5 months now and im still getting complements on the neck.

Honestly there isnt one thing I dont like about the guitar. I just dont like how hard it is to find an electric guitar case for this thing. Iv ordered a case and it has backordered and i cant find another anywhere else.

The quality is execellent. Iv been putting it through alot and its been holding up perfect. and iv accidently dropped it off the guitar stand all knicked it on cabinets. not 1 scratch or mark yet.

Over all if this guitar was stolen i would definitaly consider buying a new one. and the price range is crazy. I hear about how great fender strats are. and iv played a couple. fender strats have nothing on this baby.

OLP lover rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-16.

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