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I bought this guitar in June of 2000. This is only my secong guitar, and i wanted something that was reliable, good looking, good sounding semi-acoustic. I bought the guitar from Northcote Music World (Australia) for $300 au, thats about $150 us.

I like the guitars great sond and look. I could have gone for a solid body, but I liked to feel of the neck, and the strings that came with it. When I bought it it came with a 10watt Ashton acoustic amp, the sounds it makes are awesome! Just by changing the settings on the amp, I can go from playing acoustic music, to overdriven rock. The body is a nice shape and makes a nice clean sound.

The only thing that annoyed me was the pickguard and the strap button. A few days after I bought it, a little bubble appered in the pick guard, little did i know that it was covered in plastic, so i stressed about this air bubble in the guard, but after i found out it was just plastic i peeled it off, and my proble was solved. The only other thing that annoyed me, was when the strap canme off the strap button, casuing the guitar to fall away from me. Luckily i caught it. This has happened a number of times, but in all cases I have saved it.

The Quality of the guitar is very good. It is sturdy and reliable. The finish in the woodgrain is great! With a little polish and cleaner the wodcomes up amazing. It is like a mirror finish. The sound is very good and very versitile.

I think this would be a great guitar for the intermediate player, whom is just moving on to amplified instruments. It is easy to play and is cheap for the quality. I strongly recommend it.

Allen Jeal rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-10.

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