Olympia OD12SN Solid Top Dreadnought Reviews 4

I purchased this guitar new as a trade-up from an entry level Olympia (an OD5 I believe). I bought it from a local music store, Fuda's Music in Ozark, AL. As I mentioned, this was an upgrade to a much better model. Trade and cash, it cost me around $300.

This is a very beautiful guitar. It has a deep gloss finish, with a white binding along the top, bottom and neck. It has an Abalone style rosette, Abalone marker dots and Abalone name inset in the headstock. The top is a natural finish solid spruce. The back and sides are a very nice figured ash. Since I have had it a little while, the solid top has started to settle in and is giving it a nice mellow tone. It has plenty of volume and a good feel.

The only thing I didn't like about the guitar was the action as it was set at the factory. It may have been alright for someone with a stronger grip, but it was a little too high for my taste. A trip to my local guitar tech and it was playing just fine. I could not find anything else I was unhappy with.

The unit feels very solid and should hold up to moderate abuse. Since I only use it at home, it should last me a lot of years. The neck and bridge seem to be set well. The frets are smooth and well seated. It has good quality die cast tuners, not those cheap covered ones you usually find on a lower priced guitar. The "tone shaped" bridge, the Abalone accents and the white binding make it look like a much higher priced guitar.

This is a very high quality instrument for a reasonable price. It has a lot of extras you usually find only on higher priced guitars. It has a good volume that should be suitable for most individual applications, but I would probably use some sort of amplification if playing with other instruments. It has a solid spruce top which is already starting to sound better with age. This would be a real good starter guitar, because it is fun to play and should last a lot of years with proper care.

Wayne Thomley rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-15.

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