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Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter for past 37 years. I have a small project studio in my home.

I purchased this at Musician's Friend for $16.99

There is nothing to like about this item

Where to start. This unit is advertised as a universal shock mount for condensor microphones 42-48mm in diameter. Microphones on the larger side of their described limit will not fit. I was attempting to fit a Nady microphone having a diameter of 45mm into the holder and the brackets snapped off--revealing significant metal fatigue and rust which had been covered over with paint.

As noted, the construction is shoddy--rusty metal painted black with poorly soldered/welded joins. As one would expect it was made in China.

Bottom line. The brand name "On-Stage" is synonymous with POS. This is the second time I've made the mistake of purchasing their crap. The first one was forgiveable--I had purchased a mic stand/boom combo with a defective bushing. Musician's Friend stood by the product and allowed me to return it for full credit. This time they will not allow a return since it is a discontinued item. Neither On-Stage nor Musician's Friend will get any return business from me.

Dave rated this unit 1 on 2007-11-18.

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