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I've been playing keys since I was about 4 years old. Currently working the jazz, singer-songwriter, composing, and electronic/techno scenes. The product is a standard black keyboard stand with two sets of beams for support for large and heavy keyboards and a standard pull-pin locking mechanism to keep the keyboard from falling.

I got it for free with my Nord Stage, because it needed legs, and I didn't own any at the time. They go for about $30-$50 new, and they're worth every penny.


It's sturdy, black, sturdy, won't fall apart ever, hardly shows scratches, has adjustable pads depending on how you want your keyboard to sit on it, is sturdy, and has removable endcaps in case you want to add a double stand on top of it for a synthesizer or second workstations. It's also really, really sturdy, and it has a wide base, so you never have to worry about a keyboard tipping over, even if you push it.

Absolutely nothing.

The On-Stage Stands keyboard stand? Um...it's sturdy. Amazingly sturdy.

On-Stage Stands make the absolute best keyboard and microphone stands in the business. Period. I wrote this review specifically to say that, because I have yet to see anything else come close to their reliability. When I have a $500 delicate ribbon microphone, or an $8,000 Korg Oasys on it, or even a $150 Squier Bass, I knew they're always safe. 6 stars out of 5. Because they do what they do well, and they do it cheap. No extra crap that I don't need. Just tough enough to get the job done and keep all the possibilities in mind.

ShackMan rated this unit 5 on 2010-11-30.

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