Orange County Drums and Percussion 6x14 Maple Snare Drum Reviews 5

Although I have heard of the OC drums for a while now, I finally had the chance to get my hands on one of their snares only recently while working in sessions for my band’s new album. It happened really by chance, when the producer asked if there was any other snare drum in the house. The engineer happened to be a drummer as well and said he owned a OC snare drum and that it serendipitously happened to be in his car. From there on, the OC snare did not leave the studio until the very last drum take was done.

OC specializes in making custom snares and kits, so custom that you can visit their website and pick wood, size, and finish. Everything to better fit your personal preferences and style. The particular OC snare that I played (6x14 – Maple) cost about $600. Certainly a decent price for custom made drums.

You can definitely feel and hear the difference when you play a custom built snare drum. This specific one had a 9-ply maple shell, giving it a strong presence. An additional feature that made this snare unbelievably good was that it had 4 holes each 3 inches in diameter around its shell (dubbing it a so called “vented” snare), helping to accentuate its presence and punch even more. This snare was also very versatile, producing a great sound regardless of its tuning. It had die-cast hoops giving it an extremely defined attack.

Sonically, this snare has no flaws. Its downside could be its waiting time. They sell some of their ready-built snares at, but for custom-built drums it can take from 12 up to 16 weeks to be fabricated and delivered. Not for those into instant gratification, but I guess good things come to those who wait.

Solid construction as you should expect from a custom made drum, the OC seems to take their job seriously and they are doing their best to keep their reputation.

If you got the money and the time, the OC snares are really a joy. They are certainly worth every penny you invest in them. Highly recommended to all drummers, professionals (especially) and hobbyists alike.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2011-07-19.

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