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I didn't buy this kit, I'd never buy this kit. A friend wanted a drumset for christmas and his parents (who unfortunately know NOTHING about drums) bought this because of the price. They are about $399 canadian, and even that is overpriced for the quality.

I guess the only thing i like about it is that in theory, an aspiring drummer could learn on them, for an inexpensive price. it is by most standards a full kit, with hardware for a low price. just not very good hardware.

Yikes! well, here we go... first off, after going to the manufacturer's website, it's plain to see that there is very little selection in color or style. It's pretty much either ugly red, or ugly blue. secondly, isn't a big part of a drumset supposed to be about tone? i could in all probability get better sound quality out of a bunch of coffee cans with water in them. They just sound bad. And, tuning them is like trying to get Richard Simmons to eat a cup-cake. They're rediculous.

Ha ha, now this is the question i've been waiting for. "Please describe the construction and quality of the unit:" well, i played it for about 20 minutes... in that time i had to readjust the bass pedal 3 times because it kept slipping, and i was hitting the hi-hat (not all that hard either) and the top hat bent upwards. the thing was broken from there. you could bend the cymbal back into place, but everytime you hit it, the thing would bend up again. The cymbals come with the kit.

Bottom Line: if you dont have a lot of money and you want a drumset, or if you are a parent and you dont know much about drums but think you're getting a deal...DONT BUY THIS KIT!!! You may think you are getting a deal, but after replacing the cymbals, the bass pedal, and getting a snare that doesnt sound like a cheep recording from a keyboard, you may as well have bought a nice kit. you can get some nice inexpensive drums by Groove Percussion, or even some by bigger names like Pearl Forum or Tama Starter. they'll be about $100-$150 more depending on what week you buy them, or from where, but you will save money in the long run, and be MUCH MUCH happier.

Mikey Jensen rated this unit 1 on 2005-03-22.

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