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This is a white dreadnought acoustic which seems to have decent quality light strings. I'm a professional bass player that has been playing acoustic for my own enjoyment, for 30+ years. My musical tastes runs in the line of finger picking Neil Young, bluegrass, blues. I've owned over 20 acoustic guitars from my beginning roots in music at 10 years old, I'm 50 now.

I was looking for an acoustic I could take everywhere from the beach to campfire sessions. As an avid bicyclist and camper, I wanted something I could take with me in a backpack case. Something not too expensive that I wouldn't be to scared to risk bringing with me in acoustically unfriendly environments. I own what in my opinion is the holy grail of guitars, a smokey, old 1978 Fender F210 acoustic that I've managed to hang onto since high school.

I'm not the kind of guy that would ever buy a guitar on line that I hadn't played and heard first hand. I was taken by the look of this guitar and the price. Decided I'd roll the dice. I figured no matter what, I could set it up to play good enough for what I was needing it for (better than a smaller travel guitar). It arrived today and I'm just blown away !!! The action is fantastic right out of the box. The dang thing was flat right out of the box, as expected. But in tune, flat. I prefer Martin lights on all my acoustics, but these strings are fine and sound good enough for my hardcore break in period. As my first ever white guitar, I can get over how great this guitar looks, sounds and plays. It is well balanced with enough bass to make this bass player feel right at home. Not as much bass as my 30+ year old spruce top Fender, but nice. It's exciting to me that with time, as the spruce top and catalpa body loosens up, and with Martin strings, this thing will only get better.

Nothing, I can't find a single issue to gripe about.....and I'm a perfectionist.

Seems solid and well constructed. Nice, accurate tuning keys and even a compensating saddle that I didn't expect. Looks fantastic with the top brown tortoise binding and sound hole. How can anyone, anywhere build a guitar with these components at this price. It's got to be the best Chinese made item of any kind I've ever owned

I recently acquired a mint condition Fender Catalina that I bought to teach my girlfriend to play guitar on. After installing a bone saddle, new Martin lights and neck adjustment, It was still a bit tough to play and just didn't sound as full as I was used to from my old Fender. The Catalina is now up for sale and my smoky old Fender F210 is finally getting a much needed break at the guitar shop for new frets and neck work. Trust me on this one, leave your high priced Martin, Takamine and Ovation at home and get you one of these for your everyday, everywhere guitar.

Rooster rated this unit 4 on 2010-09-28.

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