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"Full-Time-Part-Time" Musician. Guitar - 17 Yrs. Bass - 5 Yrs. Percussion - 8 Yrs. Harmonica - 5 Yrs. Piano - 6 Mos.

I bought this guitar from Musician's Friend about a year ago; with strap, cable, stand, and shipping for about $160. I've read great reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I love the action on this guitar. I know that's an adjustable feature, but when I put it down low, just before fret buzz, it feels goooood. The pickups sound great. Washburn 420 series, and they put out some great tones. I mainly run this guitar through an Arion Tubulator into a 16 track Fostex, and it comes out sounding fantastic. From blues to country, rock to jazz, the OE 30 has a setting for it. The fit and finish are great. A very small blemish in the binding around the f-hole, but nothing major to complain about.

Well, I didn't like the pickguard, so I took it off. That's just personal preference. I honestly can't find anything else negative about it. Maybe the fact that it's not a Gibson, but that's my fault. And at this price, I'm not complaining.

Close to perfect when it arrived at my door. I changed the strings, raised the pickups a bit, lowered the action, and went nuts! I couldn't put it down. I even went over every screw I could find, and made sure it was tight. Prognosis: As solid as can be. Buy one before they raise the price!

A great buy for anyone starting out. A great buy for anyone looking for a cheap studio guitar. A great buy for anyone looking for a cheap backup/beater guitar. A great buy.

Big Swifty rated this unit 5 on 2005-11-23.

I bought this guitar on the Musician's Friend website for $149.00

First of all, it looks fantastic, especially considering the price. It came set up real nice right out of the box but I am going to have it professionally checked out and set up. It's so easy to play. I haven't really played in almost 30 years, (yeah, I know, mid-life crisis guitar), but after only about a week of playing the OE 30, the old fingers are hitting most of the right notes. My daughter can't believe how easy it plays and how good it sounds! Back to the guitar. It has two sets of Washburn Humbuckers so you can get a lot of different sounds from it and it STAYS in tune.

It's a little heavy, but at least I know that it's well made!

The guitar is black and the finish is very nice. If you look clesely, you can see sliight imperfections in the cut-outs where they assemblers could have done a little bettter, but hey, for the price, what do you expect! As for the hardware, it's first rate. Some people have remarked that the knobs look cheap, so you could upgrade it you like, but I think they are ok!

If you want a versatile guitar that will not cost you an arm and a leg, I don't really see how the OE 30 can be beat. From the little playing that I've done so far, I can see that this guitar is perfect for all levels of playing, and any type of music. It's got a retro look that you'll either like or dislike, but you can't fault the sound or the price! Rock on!

Guitar Tom rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-30.

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