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I was looking for a semi-hollow body electric guitar to play while I was studying old jazzy type blues.I came across a site called musiciansfriend.com and they had many to choose from.I saw the Washburn/Oscar Schmidt and was immediatly impressed with the look it had.It has the same look as all semi-hollow body guitars,but it had a clean look that others did not.The guitar list for $299.00,but it was on sale for an unbeliveable $149.99.Not being sure of the quality for that cheap of a price,I called local dealers and asked around about the price they sold the guitar for and the quality of it.I knew Washburn made good guitars,but I have not played an Oscar Schmidt model before.So I took a chance.I paid by money order in the amount of $160.94,the price of the guitar and $10.95 for shipping.

The finish on the guitar is unbeliveable.It had no flaws in it.With the clean look it had I ordered black.It also comes in cherry or a blue burst.It comes with Washburn 400 series pickups and they reproduce the exact sound I was looking for.I use a lot of bends and was amazed at how well it stayed in tune.

The only thing I do not like about the guitar is it does not have a tremlo bar.

Washburn has been making guitars since 1879,it has a 335-style maple body and a mahogany neck.Prior to shipment,each guitar is inspected and player tested.

The 0E-30 is hard to beat for the price.If the clean look is not for you,for $100.00 more dollars you can purchase the OE-40 which comes with eliminator jazz series pickups,a rosewood fingerboard,gold hardware and pearl inlays.

Mark Mitchell rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-23.

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