Oscar Schmidt OE-30CH/Delta King Reviews 5

Acquired via Ebay, from Gman.music. Paid $185 plus shipping of $24 for guitar, gig bag, strap, and cord. Purchased there because lowest price I had seen on a NEW 335-type guitar.

The neck and action (after a $50 set-up by a local shop) compares favorably with a friend's Heritage 535. Pickups are Washburn humbuckers, with good sound. I put flatwounds on it, and have a great woody jazz and blues tone. Also, binding is great. Around all edges, including the f-holes. Unheard of on a guitar of this price.

My only quibble is really minor. I don't care for the knobs for volume and tone. Will probably replace them with chrome ones. Came with amber acrylic ones, which detract from the appearance of the guitar, but don't hinder its function.

Seems well built. Have had it about five months, bought an epiphone hardshell case to keep it in, so it hasn't been banged around. Good balance. Several friends have been impressed with it, and almost fainted when I told them the price I paid. Nice tight fit on the bolt-on neck, finish has no obvious glitches, but at this price I didn't go over it with a fine-toothed comb.

This is a fine guitar, regardless of price. For the price, it is a great guitar. I have visited the ebay site of the place I bought this, and he occasionally has more available. It is almost too good a buy to pass up.

Don Winn rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-06.

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