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I love playing, I've been playing since I was 11 years old, writting since I was 16 years old and have been recording for the last 8 years. I play Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Drums, Kind of a jack of all trades. all in all playing for 20 years. I been too many bands to name and I love classic Rock, Zepp & Doors all the way.

I was shopping for a new axe as a gift for my self on my birthday and I saw this beautful guitar. I picked it up plugged in and fell in love with it. I was apprehensive to flip the tag on the guitar for fear of the sticker shock, but when I did I almost fell of the drum thrown. I played it for another 15 minutes and walked out of the store and a year later I Still think it is the greatest guitar in the world.

I love the look of this awesome guitar, I love the sound and I loved the price. one word...Awesome.

I dont have a negative thing to say about this guitar.

This guitar is very well constructed. all of the hardware has been flawless, I was able to pick it up, play it and so far have not had a care in the world.

AVRenna2 rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-10.

Puchased new from Musicans Friend for $149. I had played one before, and for the price I couldn't resist getting one to have a 335 style guitar.

I liked the price of course, but it is a fine instrument at any price. I know people that have paid three times more for the same guitar. It has a good sound as is, so I won't change anything on it unless something breaks. I did change the strings right away. I would never judge a guitar without using my favorite string. The ones on it are too light. I prefer a 10-46 set, although I may try something a little heavier since it has a shorter "Gibson" scale, which gives you a bit less string tension.

The only thing I didn't like was that black was the only color available, but after I received it, I fell in love with the way the black went with the vintage knobs and the binding, so there is really nothing I don't like. The binding has some very minor pin holes, which can be expected from a guitar of this style. If you're handy and this bugs you, just find a plastic that matches, sand it into powder, mix with some super glue, and fill in any spots you find with an exacto knife, and smooth out.

I've done guitar tech and luthier work before, and was impressed with the constuction of this unit. It does need to be set up to your particular playing style, like any guitar, but was playable out of the box. I prefer a bit lower action than was provided, not too low so I can still bend strings, but low enough so I can get a little "Snap" when I need it. After a bit of tweaking, I had an axe that now plays really "Slick." All I did was cut down the nut, lower the bridge, and set the intonation. Some people flip the "D" bridge piece around for better travel, but I got it without having to do that. The neck was set just the way I like it, just a hair of relief, so I didn't mess with the truss rod at all. The neck seems to fit the body pocket nice and tight. I checked the two E strings for neck alignment and it looked good as is.

I've been playing for about 35 years, and have learned that you don't need an expensive guitar to get the job done. I played this guitar on a New Year eve gig the day after I got it, and never picked up my main axe after I heard what this guitar could do. I was able to get some really cool feedback effects because of the hollow body. If you're into massive overdrive you won't be able to control this beast, but it works great for me. I also got a lot of good comments on it's looks. It doesn't look like a cheapie, and a friend of mine just ordered one after seeing it. I will give it the best rating because of the "Bang for the Buck" you get. Bottom line, at this price I may get another one in case something happens to one, or just to have one I can modify for kicks.

Heinz Dziurowitz rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-24.

We purchased this on Ubid for $149 for our sons for a Christmas Gift. We didn't actually receive it in time for Christmas, though, even though we received a phone call Christmas Eve morning and they told us it was going to be delivered that day - we never received it until Dec 28.

It has a mellow tone. It has a 3-way toggle to get different tones. With the four knobs, it has a wide range of sounds. The hollowbody adds to the tone. The best thing about this guitar is the sound it produces. It is a good-looking guitar.

It isn't balanced. It is bottom heavy and wants to tip - and with it weighing 14 or 15 pounds, it makes it slightly uncomfortable to try to play. It didn't come with a book or warranty certificate - although this is probably from Ubid, not from the factory.

It seems to be well made and other than the unbalanced feeling, it seems to be a decent guitar. The action was not adjusted properly upon receipt. There is a slight buzz in the strings. It is a nice sounding guitar - and if we can get the action figured out, it'll be even better. It doesn't seem to be set up properly from the factory.

Overall, a decent guitar. The hollowbody is a nice feature as it only adds to the sound. If we were looking again and could get it for the same price, we would buy another.

Edward rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-29.

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