Ovation 1112-4 Reviews 3

This guitar was bought for me in 1977 by my parents. I believe the price was $240. According to guitar pricing guide it is worth about the same now.

The action is excellent. I like the tone of the guitar and it's tendency to produce mellow sounds from finger picking. While some have criticized the Ovation for construction problems, I never had any until it flew off of my car at 35 mph. It repaired well and has lasted twelve years since then.

The Ovation tends to have a muted tone that could be a little brighter but it is the distinctive Ovation sound.

See above. Criticisms have been that the sound board cracks so keep an intact one free of humidity changes.

Great guitar for beginners assuming you can't afford a Taylor or a Martin.

AveragePlayer rated this unit 3 on 2004-09-11.

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