Ovation Applause AE685 Reviews 2

I bought this guitar about 2 years ago at Sam Ash in Queens NY. I paid about $250.

Looks good, thin and light body. I bought it because the bowl back design looked cool

Sounds flat and empty when its hooked up to an amp. A friend of mine played a gig last week and needed an extra guitar for a song in D tuning so he borrowed mine. When plugged in, it sounded all treble no bass. Quite embarassing.

Construction is so so. When I got it, one of the screws on the pre-amp was loose and the sticker covering it was peeling off. I had to have it set up, a couple of frets were buzzing pretty badly and the neck was warped. granted, I didnt play the thing for like 1 1/2 years after I got it so it was pretty much in factory shape so i was kinda pissed about how much was wrong with it out of the box.

Not bad for beginners but dont be fooled by the cool looks. It wont take you very far if you want to get serious with your playing. Im gonna sell it on ebay and get a Washburn.

Sam rated this unit 2 on 2003-04-11.

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