Ovation Celebrity 12 String Reviews 5

Bought from Music Market in Northampton, UK Price paid 375

The Celebrity 12-string comes in one finish, a translucent blue. It's a gorgeous looking guitar. It is well made and has an incredible sound. I like the round back too, many people don't!

The guitar comes with a very high action. I had this lowered, which was fine and it now plays much much better. However the increased tension has caused some warping around the soundhole. My advice would be if you do lower the action, to do it gradually and not too much. I have since gone down a gauge when I changed the strings, which has counteracted the extra tension.

The Celebrity 12-string is very well made and I cannot fault it's construction. As with much of Ovation's range, there is a high overall quality to the instrument.

It is a fantastic guitar. unplugged it is nothing to write home about particularly, but played through an acoustic amp, the sound and tone is superb. Very reasonably priced and ideal for someone looking to add a 12-string guitar to their collection.

Mr Paul J Shearman rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-08.

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