Ovation Celebrity 257 A/E Reviews 4

I bought this guitar a few years ago new at Samuel's Music in Effingham, IL. I paid a little over $500 for it, but I've noticed lately that they can be had for about $400.

This guitar (mine is a blue-burst with the wood-leaf adornments) is beautiful. It never fails to draw appreciative comments. It is durable, sturdy, and stays in tune very well. The composite back is somewhat more resiliant to temp/humidity changes than an all wood guitar. I always seem to be dragging my guitars everywhere, so durability was a major factor in my decision.

The sound is not as full and well rounded as I would like. It doesn't sound bad by any means, but the shallow bowl does tend to accentuate certain frequencies.

Absolutely no complaints. It has lived up to all my expectations in the quality dept.

A good acoustic/electric guitar for the price. If you baby your guitars and are more concerned with sound, then you would probably be happier with a more expensive, all wood, large bodied guitar. If I could only afford one acoustic, I would probably buy this guitar again.

C.C. rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-01.

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