Ovation Celebrity CC026-4 Reviews 4

I bought he guitar at gutar center in lombard, IL. I paid $299.00 for it, and decided on it because I was a begginer at the time(sort of), and I wanted a guitar that would be easier to play the tough stuff on(i.e. barre chords)

very friendly neck- the begginer will have no trouble with this piece. It gives a decent sound unplugged, although in a confined setting it may seem a little grainy. plugged in it rips like you wouldn't believe- it is all I've ever wanted in an acoustic-electric. good quality pick-up that lets you explore your band's sound.

not much. the synthetic/rounded back makes it hard to play sitting down(the guitar tends to slip). thats about all. its a great guitar

great- it seems to be an instrument that will last for years, despite the synthetic back.

this guitar rocks. im very pleased with it it.

pepe de chicago rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-12.

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