Ovation LCC047 Celebrity Left Handed Reviews 5

I found this guitar on ebay, brand new, hard shell case and free shipping for $449.00

I like everything about this guitar. The action is awesome it is just like a electric guitar. The sound is great unplugged and even better plugged in. The overall feel of this guitar is amazing!

The only problem is that the same of other reviewers of similar ovation guitars. The guitar tends to slip when it is played while sitting down and placed on your knee. It is not that bad though.I think it is something you will get used too, I'm used too playing a dreadnought that sits so well on my knee. Regardless it still feels great. Sound unplugged is a little different and takes some time to get used too but it still sounds great!

Construction and quality is superb. I would put it up against a american made guitar anyday and I am a big american guitar supporter.

This guitar is great and I recommend it to anyone. Acoustically it is not the greatest, but it is great if you are looking for a different sounding acoustic other than a dreadnought like I was. Ovation are know for there sound while plugged in and this guitar proves that statement. Definitley a guitar too add to your collection.

TJHeck rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-03.

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