Ovation Tangent Series MOB47 Reviews 3

Played it for half an hour at Guitar Center on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles. It was selling for around $550.

Beautiful finish. The neck fits the fret hand nicely, and string spacing and proportions are comfortable. The sound has a very sparkling high end and will work very well for spicing up a rock arrangement. Fairly large body (there's a super-shallow version available, called the MOB57) offers good projection.

The bass response is poor, and there's no woody warmth in the sound -- more a metallic twang. The top is spruce but feels synthetic, and the shape of the soundholes is strange. However, just like its Tangent-series brother the T357, the MOB47's soundhole design manages to avoid the usual problem of multiple soundholes, which is muffled sound.

Good, but not as good as my Ovation Balladeer 12-string. You get what you pay for with Ovation, I think.

A decidedly unusual instrument that wins big points in the visuals department -- loud, colourful, and cheerful. The sound is good, but not good for ballads and the folk/country direction. And pity if you should drop a pick into the soundhole -- I suspect it would be impossible to get out!

Derek Mok rated this unit 3 on 2004-02-28.

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