Ovation Typhoon F-Hole Short Scale Fretless Reviews 5

Parkway Music Clifton Pk NY about $250. I've always wanted an thin hollow fretless but was holding out for a long scale, of which I had found none in over 2 yrs. The price made me check this one out and even with the short scale, it said to me "What are you still holding out for ?"

It's light and being short scale I had no real problem getting a gigbag for it. Its absolute best feature is its voice, like it wants to be an upright when it grows up but it's stuck in late adolescence. The board has fret lines which I find helpful. Even though I settled for short scale, it's a dual pickup bass, a feature I prefer just as much as a longer scale. So I didn't have to compromise everything. The tailpiece type of bridge arrangement is reassuring after seeing what can happen to guitar tops with the string tension borne by bridges attached only to the guitar top. Also, since action on hollow bodies can be affected by minor environmental changes, I like that the bridge height adjusts easily via thumbwheels, no tools needed.

You have to be rather more cautious about knocking it around, compared to a solid bodied bass, and I've never really liked the strap button location on this type of instrument [at neck joint] but they're all alike on that score.

It's a thin bodied hollow bass with f-holes, bolt-on neck with tilt adjust and adjustable action via neck rod and bridge. I don't know what kind of wood, but it's 30yrs old and has only some minor finish cracks [run parallel to grain]. Style is symetrical double cutaway. Bridge is tailpiece style, adjustable for height and tilt via thumbwheels, saddles adjust for intonation via screwdriver. Schaller tuners. The pickups are passive, seem to be small humbuckers, and have the usual easy height adjustment of humbuckers.

It sounds great, and it's not just a one trick pony tone-wise. It's easy and comfortable to play. While I'm more cautious with it than I am with a typical solid body, it doesn't seem overly fragile. Although I had originally wanted a longer scale, it has won me over.

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-04.

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