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The Ozark 3397/12-J Model comes with a spruce top, mahogany back, sunburst finish, and in my case, a set of gauge 12's strings. As a guitar enthusiast and dedicated player I love all different sounds, and a 12-string was the next step.

I got Guitar (Set up with strings), Set of Strings, and model-specific hard case for an extremely good price. The guitar, standalone over the internet costs 212.

This instrument is fantastic. The two best things are the build quality. I have not come across an acoustic that is this solidly built, ever. The Woods used in the construction (spruce and mahogany) bound with cream binding makes the guitar a beautiful item. If you were to drop it (I personally don't with my guitars :-) the unit is unlikely to sustain more than a large scratch, perhaps. As a result of the build, the tone it produces is fantastic. You hear cliches in descriptions of acoustics, well, these really do apply to the Ozark: deep, rich, and loud make for a fantastic studio/live guitar.

Due to the solidness and construction, the unit can be quite heavy. But 12-String Acoustics are not commonly played standing up anyway. The polished spruce top can garner fingerprints and fine scratches very quickly, so always keep a cloth handy.

As previously outlined, fantastic. Very solid. Feels fantastic when playing, firm in the hands.

Great sound, great quality. Although this is at the cheap end of acoustics 12's, here is a model that does skimp on stuff you want, even at a lower price.

Alistair Maxwell rated this unit 4 on 2010-10-27.

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