PBC [Bunker] GTB355H Reviews 5

$700 at Adirondack Strings in Albany NY. I don't know why I was there or why I even bought it, but I'm glad I did. Came with very decent hardcase as well [guitar-sized, read on....]

It'a a headless 5 string with a "normal" body [fits in a guitar gig bag]. Neck is the PBC/Bunker/Trekker tension-free neck [see their website] which needs no tweaks for season changes etc. Tuneable monorail bridges give this headless 5 wider string spacing than other headless 5's that use a Steinberger bridge. Two honking fat EMG soap bars kick major butt and the single tone knob really works. Between the tone knob and PU balancing you can get a variety of tones, most of which sound loud even at lower volume. [I think this is what some call "cutting through?] Bunker also offers an alternative PU set [non-EMG, forgot name, see website]. Another good thing about PBC/Bunkers is that they all come with David Bunker who is alwyas very helpful on the phone.

Has two volume knobs instead of a fader. Requires double-ball strings [but some headless PBCs get around this, and each can be converted to the other by Bunker, but it's not cheap].

It's a very well crafted item, curly maple top, wood-jacketed steel neck, unique mono bridges anchored to a heavy steel plate on the bottom side of the body. The whole bridge assembly is amazing [again see web site]. Has the usual specs: 24 fret 34" scale, rosewood board, 9v system. I think it's an "active PUs/passive EQ" set up, an odd choice these days but sound is huge.

Obviously not for everyone [and there is a version with normal peg head] but everyone loves the sound. It's compact in headless form, not too heavy and very well balanced so it's easy to play. Neck feels a little fat but at least you don't have to put any effort into holding it up. Sounds killer. Can seem piercing even without much treble in the EQ [OK, I have my PUs raised pretty close to the strings] and that's with flat wound strings. This one is definitely NOT your father's Oldsmaobile [or Fender bass].

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-27.

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