I bought this guitar online about a week ago from a website. I paid $650.

I really like the sound of this guitar. I play in a local band and this thing really rips!! I have played the guitar for years and probably owned close to 15 different guitars ranging from Gibsons to Yamahas to Samicks and this blows them away for the price. Unplugged it has a very powerful sound. (its a jumbo, but doesn't feel so big like my old Gibson did). It is really spakling and cool looking with TONS of inlays!! I like flashy guitars. Looks good on stage!!

Well, I don't like that it has an end-pin jack to plug in the amp. My other guitars have had them on the bottom side, and I like that much more. They tried to make the jack double as a strap button, and it just didn't work out too good. Works though. I also think it needs a strap button up by the neck. Add these things and it would be perfect.

Seems to be built very sturdy. I am not sure about the duraibility of it, I have only had it a week. I think it will do really well!! Good solid wood. Bindings are tight!! Neck is VERY straight and bridge and nut were setup perfect for me.

Bottom line is: I like it a lot. For what I paid, I good a killer guitar. Everyone that has come across it has thought the same thing too. Great Deal!!!

Mike J. rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-05.

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