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. tobacco sunburst finish looks great. ive played country, rock, blues, christian rock for 15 years.

i bought it used for 400 usd from a friend because i played one in a music shop and liked it.

great looks. great fretboard. a little too fat from front to back on the neck, but still prefer it to my strat.wide neck is very comfortable to play. decent pickups and i can get a much wider variety of sounds than i can on the strat

the volume control is terrible.there is a lot of noise when you turn volume up or down fast and when you adjust the volume slowly,the sound sometimes totally drops out. i will be changing the pots and probably the wiring and at least one of the pickups.also some fret buzz here and there.will change the nut and the tuners also.

construction is ok. looks and finish seem to be pretty nice. especially for a guitar this feels awesome and with some upgrades on cheap parts they used like the nut and the pots and wiring, it should be a great guitar. i give it a 3.75 out of 5

despite the cons i listed, this guitar is still easier to play than my strat and after i upgrade a couple of things, it should be a better guitar all around.

essdub rated this unit 4 on 2011-02-08.

Been playing for around 5 years

Bought from The Rock Inn (Perth, Western Australia) for $AU925

I cannot recommend the SE line of PRS guitars highly enough. I have a silver version of the santana se and it looks great. It has a nice wide, fat carve neck that feels great. The bridge pickup sounds great for dirty tones while the neck pickup seems to be better for cleans. Comes in an excellent heavy-duty gig bag too!

The clean tone on the bridge pickup isn't the greatest. The neck sounds a little muddy to me but i find if i use the middle position i can get a pretty decent clean tone.

The guitar is very well constructed. I cannot see any finish flaws whatsoever and the headstock and neck binding is applied fairly well (i had to really look hard to find some minor flaws). The stock pickups are about as good as i have ever heard stock pickups to be too, particularly for overdriven or distorted tones.

Great value for money. I consider it to be much better than similarly priced guitars, such as the epiphone les pauls. I'm so impressed that i plan to get a prs soapbar se ii maple in the near future as a p-90 guitar. I know that if it is as good as this one i'll be really happy! I'm giving the guitar an overall rating of 5 for quality relative to price. i have played better guitars, however, none that are in this price range. Without a price consideration i would still rate the guitar as a 4 out of 5.

Nick rated this unit 5 on 2005-12-02.

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