Pacific EZ 5 piece set w/ cymbals. Reviews 5

I bought this set off of for 390 dollars including shipping. This is a great set for the price.

I love everything about this set. The drums sound great, and with some fine tuning, the snare can sound good as well. The cymbals aren't bad, but aren't Zildjians. The drums sound awesome and for only 390 bucks, it is definitely worth it. Also, the double-braced hi-hat stand is very sturdy.

The cymbals are alright, as I said before. However, the straight cymbal stand is not very strong. The bass drum pedal is already squeaking, but not bad. After having this only a week though, that is a problem. Nothing else is bad, this is a great site.

The quality and construction are great, except the straight cymbal stand and the bass pedal. Everthing is built great and sound great.

This is an awesome set for the price of 390 dollars. I could not believe the sound when I first played it. I highly recommend this set to any beginner who is looking for a cheap set that has awesome quality and sound. GREAT DRUMS!!!

Dan rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-22.

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