Paia Tube Mic PreAmplifier Reviews 4

I purchased the dual pre-amp DIY kit on the internet from for $129.50. They are good pre amps for cheep, and easily repairable if need be.

This is a great unit, from many aspects. For one, it is a descent Tube AND solid state mic preamp that has a 'blend' knob where the user can mix the tube driven signal with the IC signal. And it comes in a KIT, a DIY(do it yourself) which I myself am a big fan of. It is relatively easy to build and if you know anything about electronics, and know how to solder, you can get a really nice rack mount set of pre's for under $200 easily. And if you're not too DIY inclined, you can one of the VERY helpful techs at Paia build it for you. And if you encounter any difficulties while in the process of building your preamp(s), you can contact the Paia tech for help!

The only thing I don't like about the unit is if you don't assemble the kit correctly, you could take a long time trouble-shooting. I learned almost everything I know about electronics from building just one Paia kit.

The construction and quality of the unit is completely up to the buyer(unless you have a Paia Tech build it). I myself built a very solid set of preamps.

DIY kits not for everyone, but if you're into REALLY customizing your gear, this is a great opportunity to aquire really good pre amps for Cheap! It also lends itself to a learning experience not otherwise available.

Anders =SoundField Studio rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-22.

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