Parker 1997 NiteFly Version 2 Reviews 5

I tried a NiteFly in a music store and immediately decided it was the best-playing guitar I had ever tried, due to the extremely smooth fingerboard, low action, and smooth, tall frets, and light weight (I play rock and blues.) They wanted 1400 for it, unfortunately. I got my 1997 model for 495 on eBay.

I am not a guitar collector. This is my only guitar. I have tried Strats, Les Pauls, etc. over the years. They are great. But for me, the Parker plays better. In addition, the piezo pickup adds an entirely different, acoustic guitar-like quality of sound (you will never mistake it for a Martin, though!) The magnetic pickups and the piezo output are separate. I play into a stereo mixer/preamp (Audio Buddy), with effects between the preamp and 2 amps. I get sounds that no mono, mag pickup axe could dream of.

The body is oddly-shaped and pokes you in the chest when you sit down to play. Also, it is an unconventional guitar, and you are instructed to send it back to Parker for any repairs.

All in all, excellent. This is an 8 year-old used guitar. However, the piezo pickup on the low E-string sometimes cuts out. I need to send it back to Parker to get fixed.

If you are considering an electric solid-body, try a Parker.

msf rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-11.

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