Parker Night Fly M Reviews 5

I purchased this Guitar From Hix Bros Music. I had first played the Fly Deluxe but coould not come up wtih the cash. I liked the no pickgaurd look of the Deluxe and the NightFly M has the same look at n much lower price. I paid $995.00, plus Parker offered a $50 rebate before December 31st so I couldn't resist buying it.

The frets and fretboard are a dream to play. The Fly is a little lighter that the NightFly ,but it is much lighter than my Telecaster. The pickups and pizo blending features are great. You can get spilt, single coil sounds, hum bucker sounds and acoustic sounds all from one instrument. The finish is natural and does not require any polishing, or show finger prints. The locking tuners are great too.

The upper horn tends to poke you in the chest while playing sitting down, but other than that there isn't anything that isn't fantastic about the guitar. Parker could include a real case instead of just a gig bag for a guitar that has a list price well over $1,000.00 but even the Fly Deluxe does not include a hard case. I guess it is just a sign of the times.

The fretboard is made out of carbon fiber, and along with the stainless steel frets, the strings bend like a dream, with no buzzing or dead spots. The pickups are mounted directly to the very solid body. The Bridge is a work of engineering marvel. This guitar (almost) never goes out of tune. The neck and pocket are curved and fit together like a glove.

Yesterday I took my trusty Tele Plus to a gig and was reminded how heavy it is. The Tele's 3 Lace pickups cannot compare with the sounds that can be created with the Parkers setup. Overall a very well designed and built guitar for a very attractive price.

Jack rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-21.

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