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I have played a Rickebacker 4001 Bass for 35 years in a working Classic Rock band. I started in music by taking lessons in piano and guitar at 5 years of age. My true love is listening to Bluegrass. There is some real talent there! No amplification. No effects. Just the sound that your instrument will produce...and Milking it for all its worth! I have tried to play Bluegrass using a Mandolin and a Banjo...I'll leave it to the pros! :)Classic Rock is the most basic of all music categories...Chicks dig it...Thats why I play it!

I saw the new Parkwood PW310M sitting in the music closet at GC. The minute I picked it up, I fell in Love with it! I was looking for a guitar that had some "Volume" to it, in the acoustic format. This guitar is LOUD! The combinations of woods used and the techniques used in producing this guitar are second to none. Do yourself a favor and go play one!

There are several things about this guitar that make this Parkwood better than other imports. (P.S. The Koreans are really cornering the market when it comes to producing high quality-fair priced guitars. I also own a PRS SE EG that is the only PRS made in outside the USA.My PRS is also an incredibly built guitar. PRS also uses very strict guidelines when building this guitar...And there are no such thing as "Seconds"! Pick up this Parkwood and play the almighty basic "G" chord...and "Hold it"! What you hear will be the beginning of a love affair with this guitar that will only improve with age! Guarantee it!I also appreciate the cost factor! I have played...And owned Martins and Taylors...and in my opinion...My $500 blows them away overall. Sure, Martins might be a tad bit better in the tonal aspect, but you have to strum/pick like HELL to get any kind of volume out of it! I basic strum on a Parkwood can be heard by my neighbor in the adjacent apartment!! No kidding!

The tuners are stamped Grovers, and after 6 months of play, one of them is "Flaking Out".It is making alls kind of odd noises while winding on new strings. It works okay, but for how long? I don't know.

I can tell of no flaws. Upon delivery, mine was perfect. I collect guitars and own 35 of them. I know my way around the construction of a guitar.

For the money, My Parkwood PW310M was the best purchase I have made in 2005-2006. My PRS SE EG for $299 comes close. I play for small crowds on weekends, completely acoustic, including vocals, and never have I heard "TURN IT UP"!!...and this was the whole premise for me in my search for a "Loud" Acoustic guitar. The "Ring" is sometimes too awesome to comprehend. 6 months after purchase, it still often gives me goosebumps!!! (No kidding)

Bill Pillsbury rated this unit 5 on 2006-07-12.

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