Peace Demolition Kit Reviews 4

I bought the kit because my current drums were all 4" smaller than regular and saw this kit on Ebay for $359.

I liked the black hardware, the mounting equipment, sturdiness and overall tone. The pedal was pretty nice except for the fact that it brok after about a month of use.

The hi-hat stand was really flimsy, the stock heads were just terrible and became beat up after a few songs. Also, the kick had such a dead tone.

If you are an aspiring beginner this kit is good for you. It has the necessary equipment and that's all.

After I bought 1) Iron Cobra Double bass pedal 2) EMAD bass batter 3) remo pinstripe heads for toms 4) Evans g2 snare batter 5) Vic Firth Peter Erskin Sticks this was probably the best kit I have ever owned but only buy it if you have money to put into it!

Taylor Frost (Teskanota) rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-11.

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