Peace Demoltion Reviews 4

I bought this set from a local music store an got the set an a set of sabian cymbals for 1000 bucks.. i know i could have gotten it all cheaper.. but in a small town you get what you can...

I love the fact that these drums are GREAT QUALITY for cheap.. the toms are amazing (after some head changes) the snare has possibly the best response of any snare ive ever owned (after a head change) an the over all set sound with the deep thump of the kick to the over tone equality you can get its just an all around amazing set for the novice player

THE absolute poor quality of hardware that comes with the set. ex. the kick pedal is the worst ive ever encountered.. an the clutch on the high hats.. well lets just say it got thrown far over a bridge while driving down the road.. (pain in the ass clutch).. an the absolute lack of head life on the factory heads.. i mean no one expects factory heads to last forever.. but i mean when you have to replace heads almost immediatly after purchasing a set.. its kinda upsetting.. (on the wallet that is) but the obvious no no is the CRAP they call cymbals.. thats why i bought the others

Over all the shells are very nice.. good deep sound.. an the cymbal stands an other drum hardware are thick heavy an sturdy over all I LIKE!

well after adding some evans allweather coated heads... replacing the kick pedal with a DW an replacing the clutch, this set is the best ive ever owned.. it plays every single show that i do.!

Tre_Duece_HSC rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-06.

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