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I own the Peace Manhattan Kit. I've used it extensively live and recently in the studio. I've used it most playing roots music including rockabilly, blues and country in environments where space and volume might be concerns. With a few modifications to the included hardware and mounts the kit is a very functional piece of equipment. I rely on it for not only the functionality and sound, but, for the unique look. I did re-cover the kit in a marine grey/blue marine pearl. The kit really stands out! When used live I normally mic the kick drum from the underside. Usually using a CAD kick drum mic stand mounted, or mounted to the bottom drum rim. I'll also place a snare/tom mic between the tom and snare drums and finally use an overhead condenser. Simple setup that works well. I use an Evans coated G2 head on the tom (no muffling) and Evans Dry snare head on the snare. The lower kick head is an Evans coated G2 with clear Remo head saver pad. Internally I lay a muffle ring on the kick head. I've incorporated a jam block and Tama cymbal mount. Cymbals mounted on kit: 18

I purchased the kit several years ago from an online music retailer. I paid $450, new. I've seen Peace Manhattan Kits on EBAY in a very used condition for more then that. GOOD INVESTMENT!

-Versatile-solid tone-portable-solid workmanship-made of quality materials.

-poor quality covering material. Since replaced.-style of snare mount, can muffle ring of snare drum.-should come from factory with kick muffling installed.

Great construction.

Buy one if you can. You won't regrett it!Take a listen to mine at:

Psychobillyband rated this unit 4 on 2009-04-01.

I bought my Peace Manhattan drum set from Music 123 (online). It cost $510 (including shipping) and it came in less than one week. I bought it to play in my neighborhood garage band. I owned a Yamaha Club Jordan at the time but I was attracted by the Manhattan's full-size snare and clever overall design. Once I tried it, I sold my Yamaha and I've never looked back.

I like the solid construction and overall quality of the drum set. I especially like the clever design, which offers true snare, tom, and bass drum sounds for a stand-up (cocktail style) drummer like me, while taking up very little space on stage and at home. It's very easy to transport, since I can carry all three drums in a single conga-drum-style bag. I have a bag for my cymbals and one for hardware so I can carry the whole set in one trip from the car to the stage!

A few things need to be refined for this product to be outstanding. The arms that hold the highhat and crash/ride cymbals hold them up too high. The arm that holds the tom tom places it at an awkward angle for playing. The bracket that the foot pedal clamps onto is too thick and is heavily chromed so the foot pedal doesn't clamp onto it securely. Finally, the legs have limited knurled surface so the drum can't be lowered enough for shorter players. (I managed to take care of correcting all these things myself but it would be nice if the set came without these minor flaws.)

The product is very good quality. The harware is chromed, the drums are solid, and the Remo heads are excellent.

The Peace Manhattan drum set is a very clever solution for the needs of drummers who play standing up and have limited space for their kits. It takes up almost no space yet it provides all the sounds of a complete drum set. It has a few minor flaws that you can correct yourself but it would be great if the manufacturer would address these things and make a good thing into a great thing.

drummer4odds rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-14.

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