Peace Millenium Drum Kit Reviews 3

I bought this kit 2nd hand for about $400 AU. I bought this set because i was on a big budget and it was my first kit.

These drums actually sound pretty nice. After about an hour of tuning the whole drums, i got a nice even tone from the toms which had the perfect sustain(with a bit of help from some tissues and duct tape :-) ) The bass makes a nice thud which is great. the snare has a nice crack to it if u tune the heads up really tight. Not Bad.

The cymbals and some of the hardware. The pedal is shocking. If u tighten up the springs as far as they can go, the pedal is still loose and sloppy. These whole beater part moves around on that bar thingo that holds it on no matter how tight u make the screw. The Hi Hat stand is alright except the clutch always comes undone which is a pain in the ass. The snare and cymbal stands are pretty good and heavy. The cymbals are aluminium crap and will need replacing in a week at the longest.

Not bad for the money. If u are looking for a kit that is cheap for prctise or for just stuffing around on, this drums are pretty good. But as i said, u will need new cymbals very very quickly

Little Drummer Boy rated this unit 3 on 2002-07-10.

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