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I bought a standard Peal D-28S with specification as listed in the website.

I got to know through a friend of mine who suggested to try these guitars by Peal Guitar, China. Since it was a direct factory it costed me $150 + $100 shipping + $150 Custom clearance in India.

It's not the real Martin D-28 but it still captures the tone and feel of it.

Too much of fabrication. All the guitars by Peal are typical chinese quality guitars and cannot beat the craftmanship and sound quality of American guitars. I have 12 guitars and I admire the American guitars, they play Superb.

Its good and I love the neck on it.

I had a terrible time with Mr. Kwon who runs the company. I had placed an online order with him in March 2008 through Emails and paid money through Wire transfer. I was promised a time of 60 days (i.e May 2008) to produce the order with shipping to India. To my surprise after inquiring from Mr. Kwon I get to know that he has not even started producing my order because of Factory problems like funds, Quality issues etc etc and he would delay shipping by one month (June-July '08) or so. he kept on delaying my order till September and finally sent the shipment which i received in October. I received only 5 guitars instead of 6 ordered and out of these 5 I received, 1 was of wrong specification. When I questioned Mr. Kwon He gave the same reply of quality issues, production issue etc for not making the sixth guitar. When I asked for a refund of that guitar (which was a double neck acoustic). He told me that he will try building that guitar again and if he fails then he'll refund. I agreed but to my surprise again, he was unable to make the guitar and promised for a refund within 2 weeks (by November 2008). Now, when I emailed him after 2 weeks he said that he cannot pay because of limited funds with him and will pay in a months time (December '08). He didn't refund the amount and I asked him again then he said he'll try making payments but not sure by when. It's end of February 2009 and he has not refund the amount and neither indicated a proper time line. PLEASE BEWARE OF HIM. HE'S A THIEF AND PUT CUSTOMERS IN TROUBLE LIKE THIS. HE SHOULD BE LEGALLY DRAGGED TO COURT AND HIS FACTORY SHOULD BE CLOSED BECAUSE OF FRAUD.

Vaibhav Mittal rated this unit 1 on 2009-02-23.

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years. I have played all genres of music including Rock, Jazz and Country. Today I am into Bluegrass. Probably the most challenging of all... and the most exciting.

It seems as though the Martin D28 is the guitar of guitars for playing Bluegrass music. I never did really care for the Martin D28. Didn't like the sound and really didn't like the exhorbitant price. I always thought I could find a better guitar cheaper and I did. I paid only $499 for the Peal from Guitar Imports.

It is addictive. So much so that now I own 3 of them. All the same, Peal D28s. It is so light that you know as soon as you pick it up you are holding a delicate instrument. Solid Sitka Spruce top with quilted Mahogany sides and back. The sound is truly awesome.

If there was anything I didn't like about the Peal D28s I would not have bought 3 of them.

Solid Sitka Spruce top. Quilted Mahogany back and sides. Rosewood fretboard. Forward bracing.

I have never performed on stage with this guitar that other musicians didn't want to find out what I was playing. Everyone has to come over and look at it or play it. They cannot believe the bodacious sound it has. Neither can I for that matter. This guitar is made the way Martin used to make 'em.

Roy rated this unit 5 on 2007-01-31.

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