Pearl 13" Sensitone Snare drum Reviews 5

160 from Rattle And Drum, Derby. Needed a new snare cos no matter what you do with a CB, it's baggedy bollocks - NOTE: CB kits are good for everything except snares and cymbals. I tried using an Aquarian 18 batter, a Remo powerstroke and something else but they didnt help.

I love the snare sooooo much. I went in the shop and tried out loads of different snares, including some Yamaha 280 bamboo snare, and none of them were satisfying. Then I tried this and thought wow. Definitely worth the money. It's got a lot of pang, which makes it funky, and if you put some moon gel or a damper ring on, it punches like Lennox Lewis! Beautiful Superhoops, and the Custom Alloy makes it look good with any kit.

Erm, they don't give you an internal damper, which you don't really need anyway. I suppose you could say 160 is a lot, but if you tried it, you'd know better!

Well, it hasn't let me down, and touch wood (the snare is metal!) it won't! You can tell by the sound it makes that it's precision made, and the coated REMO head that comes with it is perfect, especially when tight.

If you want a versatile snare for rock/funk/jazz/whatever and are willing to spend a bit, get this. It's not wood, so you wouldn't have to paint it to match your kit, it's ace quality and sounds brilliant.

Billy John(Bonham)son rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-21.

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