Pearl 2002 Forum Fusion Drum set Reviews 5

I bought this set on I personally think they're great. Anyway I was looking for a fairly cheap kit and a kit that would fit good in my room. So I came across the Pearl 2002 Forum Fusion set. I wanted to get an Export but I was looking for the cheapest Pearl I could find. This set cost $599.99

I really like how wing nuts and tension lugs stay on and don't rust or anything like that. they don't get crappy either. The bass drum sounds great once you put some blankets in it to dampen it. The shells are of very good quality and they don't smudge that easily. The pedal (P-100) is great to it does its job perfectly and so does the hi hat stand. The boom stand (B70W) is good to.

I'd have to say the only things i dont like are the heads and the crash/ride. The heads ring to much and the crash/ride sounds like crap and gets ruined to easily. The heads also dent real easily. I'd reccomend getting some remo ambassadors.

It is constructed well and its shells are of good quality. You'll never have to worry about something tipping over or something getting to loose.

Well, Pearl cymbals suck and so do their heads. But the shells, stands, pedal, etc. are great. I also think this is a good first set because you get what you want and it does its job. Also its good to get a "small" kit because then you can customize it exactly the way you want and not have to worry about things like you have to throw away a new part because you dont need anymore. So with a small kit like this you can customize it and have a kit nobody else has.

J.Z. rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-12.

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