Pearl 5 Piece Export Series Reviews 5

I noticed this drumset first when I attended a jam session at a friends house. When I heard him play it, I could have closed my eyes and pictured a professional keeping a beat on an incredibly great sounding drumset. He had played drums since he was 9 years old and had recently upgraded to Pearl. With my guitar in hand, I felt like I was on stage with the rest of my friends doing what we love to do. He was planning to sell his "baby" to me because he was building a recording studio and was looking for money to buy other equipment. So I purchased them for a reasonable price and have had no regrets.

I love the fact that they are practically brand new and still have the same feel. It is a beautiful wine red finish with a shine--my favorite. This drum set compliments my other instruments very well.

I live in an apartment complex and it has become difficult for me to play these drums without complaints. I love acoustic drums and I even took drum lessons, but it is not easy when one wants to hear the true acoustic sounds that this great set produces. I do not like muffling the set with pads, so I hardly get to play them anymore and they are more of a coversation piece now. I would truly hate to part with the set. I have a pracitce pad set, but it is no substitute for a drum lover.

As I mentioned before, they were well taken care of and not a scratch on them. The makers of these drums did a fine job--not to mention outstanding American-made quality. They sound great and I feel comfortable playing them.

This drum set is a winner. It provides comfortable play with ease. They have a brilliant quality and the timbre is truly unique to its class. I would recommend any one who is a beginner or intermediate player to get yourself a Pearl Export series and try them for yourself. As with any drum set, if you live in an apartment or close living quarters, the neighbors may hassle you about it. Overall, it is great set and is worth the price.

Arjun rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-07.

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