Pearl B800W Boomstand Reviews 5

piano for 11 years, percussion for 6 and drumkit for 5. played in a lot of bands, ranging from orchestras, bigbands and concert bands, to jazz quartets, pop/rock bands, funk/groove bands, to brasilian/afrocuban percussion ensembles. i play mainly jazz, funk, latin (brasilian and afrocuban amoung others)..basically everything.

it was purchased at billy hyde (yes, in australia) for 90 dollars US...however it was on sale and is valued at about 160USD

excellent quality, doesnt move around, great stability, not overlly heavy, easy to packup, set up and transport. reliable, cymbals dont shift around, drop, the boom doesnt rotate...etc.

no complaints at all. oh, except i guess the cymbal protecting soft stuff/things (name?) were a bit dodgy and had to be replaced..only about 1 dollars though so i didnt care..

excellent quality and construction..double bracing is great, and all joints are reliable to stay where you put them.

great quality, good for your cymbals, reliable, and not to expensive. easy to setup, packup and move around to different gigs which is always important. good for students through to proffessionals. recommended!!

Mark Thomas rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-23.

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