Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare Reviews 4

I needed a new snare (I was using a snare from the '60's!)and got this one for $180 at Guitar Center in Michigan.

The snare has a good crack and can be tuned high or low with good results. When hitting the rim it produces a nice click that can cut through bass and guitar.

Tuning! Maybe I just hit my snare hard but to keep it sounding really good I must tune it every two to three days. However, I have mastered this down to a science and can tune it quite easily now.

The snare is made well. It is pretty heavy but that is expeceted of most metal snares. I really like the hoops and the snare lever.

For the money this is a good snare. It really does sound like Chad's although I find it hard to believe that he would use a snare that retails for about $200. All in all good snare at an affordable price.

Rock Bottom rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-02.

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