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I Ordered this snare over the phone before hearing it (not the best idea) from PMT in England. It set me back 150. It was purchased as I has some spare cash and was using the crummy snare that came with me Export.

The drum is a standard or safe depth, which ever you prefer. Not too deep and not too shallow. this makes it a good allrounder of a snare. It would suit someone with a standard kit (rockstar/export etc) who is looking for an upgrade at not too much cost. (mine was bought for me as a gift for doing well in GCSE's!) anyway... it has a good sharp crack to it, which gives it a funky sound, much likes chads. I find it easy to tune. (I would suggest a tight tuneing as this is when its at its best. It also looks pretty cool with most kits. It also has a nice rim click and accents really well. Bargain.

The fact that it is neither deep nor shallow is slightly anoying for me. It neither has the piercing tone of a piccolo nor the deep whack of a deep snare. This makes it a perfect all-rounder for some, but bear in mind the style your going to be playing. If your playing rock, dont get it. If your playing jazz, dont get it. However if your playing funk/pop go for it.

I would say the construction and general quality of this drum is quite high considering the price. I was quite amazed at the quality of this drum compared to the snare that comes with an export. (bear in mind my export was purcahsed in 1999) It hasnt broken on me yet and its taken a hammering. However the bottom rim has become slightly bent due to the way i tune my drum (leaving the lugs inline with the strainer looser to get more contact) but overall good for the price.

If your looking for an allrounder at a cheapish price this may be for you, but for goodness sake go to a drum shop and try before you buy (dont forget to see how it tunes etc)

Sam rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-17.

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