Pearl ELX Export 7 Piece Drum Kit Reviews 5

i bought this excellent drum kit from Danny Hughes' my local music shop here in ireland . I wanted to update from a crappy no name kit to a proper playable as well as affordable kit .Thats why i got a Pearl export kit . It cost me approximately 1300 $ for the 7 shells and hardware .

everything about this kit is brilliant . If the toms and snare are dampened properly ( i use an evans dampening ring as well as a square of moon gel on each tom and snare ) they sound amazing .You can replicate the sounds of your favourite drummers .And the bass drum is awesome , again if dampened properly you can replicate most bass drum sounds even the machine gun like tick sound that black and death metal drummers have ( i have a big duvet in the bass drum and a danmar metal kick pad in the centre of the skin ) as well as all these things relating to the kits amazing sound there's its cool laquer and anniversay special cobalt fade finish with black hardware

absolutely nothing .it'spearl..............

Great and looks really cool unlike tama who have all these weird gadgets that in my opinion make them look cheap and clumsy. The simple yet very cool and effective tom mounting system is wonderfull .

just look at all the drummers that use pearl , read all the reviews and ask anyone who knows anything about drums .Pearl Drums Rock !!!!!!! i hope this review has been usefull to you peace out and keep rockin'

muffinmansupreme rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-03.

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