Pearl ELX825DH Export Select Reviews 5

I sold my Tama Starclassic Performers to catch up on my finances,and was feeling nervous about letting them go.Before all my cash was gone, I made a stop at GuitarCenter and there on the floor was a new set of Pearl Export Selects, while the heads were off I checked each one for roundness and looked over the bearing edges. everything looked good and they gave me a great deal,in fact a very good deal, at $500 out the door for a five piece

I instantantly fell in love with this kit. Remember, having played the Tama Starclassic for over A year I felt I was stepping down, until I got It home and played it,can you say way big bang for the buck! The paint job is beautiful and is on par with other kits in this price range. The drums were very easy to tune and I went with Pearl's recomendation of tuning both heads the same. Man the snare is truly an awesome voice, you can put the tuning anywhere and it sings, a great work snare.

I couldn't afford two, although these are an unbeatable value for what I paid

construction on my set is top notch, the Blue Mist is beautiful,the grain of the wood looks great and the fit and finish is as it should be.

Don't be fooled by your desire for the most expensive kit on the block, these drums are great and can be used in any situation you want to put them in, they really do sound great right out of the box. My first drumset was A 1962 Pearl in Blue Sparkle That was forty years ago when I was twelve

RB rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-05.

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