Pearl Export EX825 Drum Set Reviews 5

I bought this kit from for an excellent price of 550$ i paid an additional 160$ for some sabian b8 symbols which ill write a review for later.

this kit is everything i asked for. ive been playing on crappy no name drums and this was a huge step-up. First of all ITS A PEARL quality is written all over it. the tom mounting hardware allows barely any virbration, and i give it a beating. it came with 2 boom stands which hold up quite well to my thrashing sessions. but my personal favorite part of the set is the snare, the pop is great, the tone is exceptional.

the one thing i didnt like about this set but only put me back about 50 bucks was the heads, there ok for just toying around, but if your serious like me. replace them and i recomend remo heads, they hold up great and perform well.

quality is great, cuz its a pearl, what more dyu need. the hardware is way better then i expected, and i expect good things. very sturdy stuff were working with here

get the pearl, i had the extra dough around 800 and spent it all, wont regret spending a cent of it, pearls make playing drums even more fun. and the new 2004 colors are so sweet. get a pearl, i recomend it over gretch, tama, ludwig, mapex, anything, and ive played them all and this is the best!

the 14 year old drummer yoodoo rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-18.

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