Pearl Export Select (ELX825) Reviews 5

I bought this set at I've wanted a drum set for a long time until i finally found a good deal on some good drums. I paid around $550!!! How can you beat that deal!

Pearl is one of the finest drum manufactures out there! The Export Select sounds awesome!!! I play punk/metal and man these drums do the trick!!! Their sound is exceptional. I extremely highly recommend this set as a beginner set or if you wanna update your old one! Pearl is the best!

HHMMFFF! I love this set! Whats not to like?!?!

Its construction is of upmost quality. It comes in a beautiful shiny finish! The quality like i said is the best!

If you want new drums, or want to update your old peice of shi**, consider PEARL. The Export Selects are great, and at a reasonable price!

thunderstorm125 rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-30.

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