Pearl Export Select Kit Reviews 5

I have been playing drums for about 3 years on a pretty basic kit that was designed for beginners. I wanted a more advanced kit so i went to my local Pearl dealer here in Dublin and purchased a Export Select in Amber Fade color. I paid 1000 in euro and it came with all hardware. The kit i got was a fusion kit with 10' 12' and 14' toms and 20' bass drum. The floor tom was floating(no legs and attached to a cymbal stand).

My favourite part of the kit is the wooden snare drum i got with it. The snare is very responsive and produces a clear crisp tone when played. Also the smaller than average bass drum is nice too allowing more control over the total sound of the bass drum. The hardware i got was top-notch too.

The tom arms could be longer but thats about it!

As far as i know the shells are birch with some mahogany in the center, however i could be wrong. The look of the drums is brillant with very attractive badges.

Excellent buy and a truly amazing sound(once you replace the heads, i used evans g1's) that will stand out in any recording or gig.

Ian( rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-08.

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