Pearl Export Series 1994 Reviews 4

I ordered this drumset 11 years ago out of a catalog when I was first learning for about $800. My music teacher said it would be the best to go with. I already had heard one because we had an export set in band class, and it sounded descent to me(althoung I didn't know much about drums and their sounds.

This set it put together very nicely, I liked the fact that the hardware was thick, durable, and sleek; perfect for a beginner. The drums themselves produce a great sound for any live show. I had these drums nine years and they went everywhere around town. They still played great with no serious problems. My younger cousin owns them now and they are still delivering great sound.

Althougn I said the hardware was great, there is one thing that worked like a thorn in my side; thowse damn bass drum legs. The bolts and nubbs were down on them easily, so I had trouble making the leg stay extended and in place. The bass drums rims are plastic, but that is only a probelm if you are real particular. Wasn't a big fan of the snare, but that is not because of quality, it is because of preference.

Pearl makes very good low-end drum kits. Te quality of craftsmanship is great. A 4 ply maple shell on all the drums and the snare is a steel shell. With the exception of the bass drum legs, nothing every came apart, and I believe still hasn't.

The Bread and butter of stating out. In fact, one could use this kit into professional carrer. definetly not the best Pearl set, but I believe Pearl makes a good income on these sets, because they sell so many of them at a resonable price.

Continetal Blue rated this unit 4 on 2005-03-29.

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