Pearl Export Series Drumset Reviews 4

I acquired this drum set at musicians friend for the best price out there, 1,099$ which is for the 8 piece, double bass drum set. I usually don't trust the internet, but I got everything I was suppose to within 3 days. I HIGHLY RECOMEND GETTING IT THERE

The drum set sounded amazing when it was put together, it was great quality and came with pearl power pedals, 3 boom stands, 1 cymbal stand, and a hi-hat stand.

It had a good mounting system but, it was more complicated than needed, and it did'nt work as well as most other mounting systems do, but other than that it was great.

It was easy to put together, but thats only because I know how to. If you don't know how to the directions aren't all that hot, but you could figure it out. The quality was great and if taking care of properly it stay in great shape for years.

This drum set is incredible and cheap. It is about 600$ for the drum set and 500$ to get the 8 piece. Go to GOOD LUCK

EXPORTSERIES111 rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-26.

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