Pearl Export Set Reviews 5

I paid 600 dollars or so at a guitar center store.

BANG FOR THE BUCK! This is my first kit. I love it. For a while I thought the tone sucked. Like up until 2 weeks ago. Then I realized that I needed some new heads. (Ok , OK, I know you're suppossed to change heads every couple of years of so- these have been on five years, i just never got around to changin them) I got a package of remo coated ambassador heads and BAM!- They sound 10 times better! These drums are seriously decent for the money. They will last you a long time, too. They also look nice.

Psh....not much! The hardware to mount the toms gets loose after awhile....

I hink these are made of 100% mahogany. I've never hadanother kit, so I can't really compare the sound to much else. The drums do hold up nice, - but beware (maybe this is common, i dunno) If your playni an outside show in the sun, and its hot, the color shells start to get loose, and they seem to pop off the shells. AFter the show though they feel/look/sound normal, so whatever.

Great kit for the price. I would huighly recommend it for beginers and intermediate players, and eh, not for the advanced. You hear all this crap about "it's good for the intermediate, beginners, ANDADVANCED!-psh no. Come on, if your an advanced player, get a masters. Geez if you're an advanced player, you shouldn't be reading this review. OK I'm done.

THE HICKEY rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-25.

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