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I bought it at Guitar center in Tempe, Az for $830($550 for the drums) with sabian cymbals and export hardware.

It has very good sound and resonance. The finish is really pretty and snare is really bright. Its geat for drummers who are just starting or advanced drummers.

It scratches pretty easily. But I play for a church and have to transport them every sunday in bags. If you keep it safe and set up, it will do fine. I fear that if you buy it as a package, you'll get ripped off. The pearl cymbals are crap, and so is the 70 series hardware. do what I did and but it as a shell kit and get the rest of the kit as aftermarket parts.

Its great quality and will last me a long time if I take care of it.

If you are looking for a good set, get this one, but get export series hardware and better cymbals.

NitroX rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-07.

I bought this drum set from Mars Music in Albany for 600 dollars. I needed a cheap drumset for practice and this one semed like it would do the trick.

I think the best thing about this drum set is that it has everything you really need to get started. The toms and bass drum are also good quality and could be used for performances without having to worry about them sounding like crap.

The snare drum, crash/ride, and the high hats are pretty junky. The bass pedal and the high hat stand are also mediocre but they do their job.

Everything is constructed very well with the exception of the cymbals and the bass pedal.

For the price you wont find a better drum set. I would think that after a while upgrading to a new bass pedal, cymbals, and snare drum would be wise but the toms and bass drum are good enough that you could use them as long as your playing drums.

Ben rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-09.

I got these drums, a percussion stool, a camber hi hat and crash/ride for $1000 brand new at a music store.

They sound really nice and the size is good for where I keep them.

I don't like the way the drums collect dust.

The snare is set up on it's own stand, and the rack toms are supported individually on the bass, the cymbals are also independently supported.

Yes, i got my money's worth, they were exactly what I was looking for for drums. Anyone wanting to start off drumming, and has the money should get this kit!

Nick Gaiser rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-29.

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