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I bought this set on ebay for $499. was the seller. I needed it for practice and church band. I've been playing drums for about two years.

The shells were very well constructed. Hardware is decent. Tone of the drums are ok. Over all the toms sound pretty good. I wouldn't say they sound great though. Good action on the bass drum pedal, and hit-hat stand.

Bass drum hoops (on mine at least) are slightly dispraportionet to the drum. I had to re-adjust the hoops if I kicked it to hard/or to fast. Cymbals are crap, there ok if you're just learning how to play. But you should look in to buying some real cymbals after a while. Good warentee. It's hard to get rid of the overtone, but if you adjust the bottom head you can make it sound better. Sometimes I like the sound of the snare when I do rim-shots, but otherwise it has a dulled sound.

The construction of this set is very good. Besides the bass drum hoops I would have trouble telling this set from a beggininer to a semi-pro.

This a great set to start on, and a fun extra toy for a mid range drummer.

Lance :>P rated this unit 4 on 2001-10-27.

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